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Man with loaded gun jailed in Birmingham

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Man with loaded gun jailed in Birmingham

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A loaded pistol was found in a mans car in Birmingham, the man has been sentenced to eight years in jail.

Officers spotted a speeding Honda Civic in Icknield Street, Hockley at around 3am on January 7th and moved in to make an arrest after watching it jump two red lights.

Matthew Coke, who was drunk behind the wheel, pulled over in Hannafore Road, Edgbaston but ran away from police after realising they were following him in an unmarked car. The 42 year old was chased down and caught. When officers searched Coke’s car they discovered a loaded silver handgun loaded with five bullets stashed under the front passenger seat.

Coke was from Selwyn Road in Edgbaston and denied knowing that the handgun was in his car, refusing to answer any further questions given by police. He was charged with firearms offences and drink driving and at Brimingham Crown Court on Monday was jailed for eight years after being found guilty.

“Plain clothes officers were patrolling on the look-out for known offenders when they spotted Coke driving erratically. This was a great arrest and, following the discovery of a loaded gun, one that may well have saved lives.” Investigating Office, Detective Constable THomas Oppenkowski said.

“The handgun was test fired and shown to be a viable firearm – and examination by ballistic experts has shown that it’s been linked to crime in other parts of the country.

“Anyone found in possession of an illegal firearm – even if they are just storing it out of misplaced loyalty to a friend or partner and have no intention of using it – can expect to spend several years in prison.”






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