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Retail Security Guards

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About our Retail Security Guards in Birmingham:

Security Guards Birmingham offer a unmatched service with uniformed and plain clothed Retail Security Officers.

At Security Guards Birmingham we understand the importance within the retail industry of balancing essential security needs, with the highest levels of customer care and staff protection.

Through our specialist retail division, a dedicated retail management team with considerable experience of the retail environment supports all our customers’ needs, i.e:

Theft Prevention in Birmingham

Our Retail Security Guards are trained to prevent the theft of goods from any kind of retailing business, so you don’t need to worry about losing profit due to criminal activity when under the guard of Security Guards Birmingham.

Manage Crowd Control in Birmingham

To prevent the outbreak of crowd crushes, fights and affray, we aim to do all that is possible to manage large crowds that might occur within retailers so you can count on us to keep you, your staff and consumers safe when within your business.

Confrontation Management in Birmingham

Sometimes certain people, both staff and consumers, have incompatible personality traits or opinions and this can lead to confrontation. This is where a trained guard comes in and provides physical or verbal intervention, depending on the situation. Our guards aim to keep all people within your retailer happy and safe.

Help and Assist Shoppers in Birmingham

We aim to not only protect the shoppers within your retailer but also assist and help them with whatever they might need while doing their shopping.


We also undertake Permanent or Temporary contracts.

Our Retail Security Guards will:

  • Recognise theft threats
  • Make customers and staff feel safe
  • Provide ongoing surveillance of sites
  • Make shoppers feel safe with a visual presence
  • Undergo rigorous background checks
  • Offer a wide diverse range of services